Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Successful businesses spend a tremendous amount of money creating a high value image for their products or services. The most successful and respected companies in the world take it one step further. They invest in the image of their most important asset, their employees. ONE FWD offers a variety of exceptional services for organizations that are ready to make this investment.

  • Educate and motivate your employees to project a consistent professional presence aligning with your company’s objectives and promotional strategies.
  • Establish a presence which instantly conveys competence and credibility.
  • Attract new clients and retain present ones by positively shaping people’s perceptions of your company.
  • Create greater employee self-confidence, teamwork and productivity.

  • Design, implementation and management of a total image package for companies and their employees (This includes developing apparel programs to ensure consistent usage of a company logo and colors on employee uniforms and promotional clothing.)
  • Professional and personal image appearance and business etiquette coaching and training
  • Corporate branding strategy
  • Senior staff and employee presence training
  • Individual image coaching and non-verbal/verbal communications and interpersonal skills for key managers and executives
  • Personal Brand building for key staff
  • Communicate with Impact (Presentation Skills)
  • Business social, entertaining and dining etiquette guidelines
  • (Women only) Appropriate Professional Makeup Workshop
  • Business Casual – The Right way: This covers making appropriate business casual dress choices, maintaining a professional image on casual days and making wise casual wardrobe selections.

One FWD Programs

Executive Presence and Personal Enhancement Program

This is a customized one-on-one coaching for one or two full days. We will help your key executives create a positive and lasting first impression by capitalizing on their existing strengths and bringing out their best features and qualities. This includes a professional image analysis, instruction in non-verbal/verbal communication skills and image enhancement. They will also master the essentials of business etiquette.
Video and audio taping is used for feedback and evaluation.

Customized Educational and Motivational Seminars and Workshops

These are created to address your company’s unique needs and focus on image management. Our highly interactive format emphasizes content based on research and proven techniques.

Make Your First Impression Your Best Impression (Your Professional Image):

Achieving professional presence, sending the right message, visual/verbal impact and looking good on a budget.


Master Your Personal Brand

Learn the key elements for a successful and impactful personal brand. Be the person senior management thinks of for a promotion.

The Art of Business and Social Interaction (Essentials of Successful Business Etiquette):

This workshop helps your employees revisit their knowledge of business etiquette. They will learn how to send the right verbal and non-verbal message to confirm their professional presence and promote their company.

The Executive Advantage in Successful Business Etiquette

This assists senior level employees with business etiquette knowledge. They will learn how to send the right verbal and non-verbal messages to confirm their executive professional presence. The workshop emphasizes guidelines for interacting with clients and peers with class, style, and confidence. Participants will learn the 101 of business etiquette to validate their senior-level presence.


We believe that progress is a process, and it needs to be measured and revised.
Regular Progress Reports – We focus on comprehensive assessment, actionable feedback, clear outcomes, tailored guidance and long-term accountability. Regular stakeholder interviews and mini 360-degree feedback sessions allow for progress reviews and input on the effectiveness of each coaching program. Adjustments, if needed, are made in real time to align the program with performance and organizational goals.

Marketing specialists know the great impact that the image of a product has on the sale. They know that to position it in the market is essential to manage a good strategy, from the design of your logo, your packaging and obviously your advertising campaign. This has been done by thousands of leading companies worldwide: Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Adidas, Apple, Google, IBM, Corona, Zara, H & M, etc.
In the case of positioning a product, service or business, the design of the brand and advertising are important. Even more important is the executive image of every professional who works in the company. It is essential to invest efforts in the design of your personal brand, as they are the sample of the company in which they work. They are the representation of their own knowledge and skills, as well as the quality of the product and the service they offer.
My commitment is to offer you an integral image coaching that will help you to project the skills, competences, but above all the confidence necessary to have successful meetings in any professional, social or personal situation.